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To Capitalise On The Use Of Artificial Intelligence And Data Science For Precision Public Health In Combating Infectious Diseases.


To Become The Global Decision-making Model For Infectious Disease Outbreaks. Serve As Key Reference Point For Real-Time Insights On Disease Outbreaks Globally.

More About Us

AINQA International Pandemic Preparedness Centre (IPPC) Is An Intended Subsidiary Of AINQA Health Sdn Bhd (AHSB).

First established in 2002 as GCI MSC, AINQA Health offers software development specifically for the Health Industry. When Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) was first launched in 2004, GCI obtained MSC status under the Telehealth Flagship. The MSC status is a recognition granted by the Government of Malaysia for businesses that develop or use multimedia technologies to produce and enhance their products and services. The company expanded its foothold internationally the following year, starting with Saudi Arabia, and further to Lebanon, UAE, India, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Trinidad & Tobago, Grand Cayman, Iraq and Kuwait. In 2012, GCI became the 7th global and first entity outside USA to be awarded Obamacare Certification.

In 2019, GCI was rebranded into AINQA Health, a healthtech company that is poised to revolutionise the healthcare industry with innovative end-to-end digital health solutions. IPPC was conceptualized in line with AINQA Health’s Continuum of Care, focusing on the pillars of predictive, preventive and promotive health. IPPC aims to drive national and global strategies in mainstreaming pandemic response and disaster management.

This revolutionary data-driven platform connects and enhances existing infectious disease frameworks for public health solutions, complementing efforts by WHO and other global health partners in infectious disease surveillance and outbreak preparedness. The disease-agnostic data offered by IPPC serves as essential evidence in assisting countries obtain financial support in battling potential outbreaks or disease-specific initiatives.

Our Team

IPPC is developed by teams comprising clinical personnel, data scientists and tech experts across the world who understand the requirement of current infectious disease systems and recommends an overall infectious disease surveillance system that coordinates the communications and collaborations of each country’s preparedness in four main areas, i.e. Prediction, Prevention, Detection and Response.

The teams bring together a convergence of Health Technology, Disease Control, Surveillance using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Health Financing Reform, medical innovation, and transformation, to create a master predictive platform that will empower the healthcare sector towards better planning.