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IPPC is a Central Intelligence Platform for data surveillance on infectious disease, anti-microbial resistance (AMR), and biothreats. The data-driven platform will collect, integrate and analyse all surveillance health data information for prediction, rapid detection, identification, and response to protect the nation against health threats (infectious disease outbreaks).

The data generated will help coordinate multiple communications at national and international levels as an effort and response to infectious disease outbreaks requiring strong inter-sectoral coordination among stakeholders, multi-agency and multidisciplinary cooperation and collaboration. IPPC will also enhance countries’ pandemic preparedness capacity to ensure sustainability and resiliency, to mitigate the devastating socio-economic risks and impacts of a pandemic.

Apart from surveillance, IPPC will provide alerts or identify risk factors for infectious diseases, and support the development of effective prevention or management measures. This includes national legislation, international health regulation coordination, communication and advocacy, antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic diseases food safety, biosafety and biosecurity and immunisation; detection (through national laboratory systems, real-time surveillance, reporting and workforce development); response (including emergency response operations, linking public health and security authorities, medical countermeasures and personnel deployment as well as risk communication); and other related hazards and points of entry.

Key highlights include a search engine of infectious diseases, as well as platform for medical practitioners to upload, verify and track notifiable diseases which will generate valuable insights into disease patterns, surveillance, and disease management. The reports can then be used to identify additional resources needed to prepare for rapid response, evaluate effectiveness of response and impactful intervention measures for better management of future outbreaks.